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  Are you using your favorite browser's start page and would like to have a page of your own to go to any website
you want with just two clicks instead of hunting through your favorites or typing in the website's address?

A custom homepage is your own personal page that you can access from any device you are using. 
With your personal start/homepage you are always just 2 clicks away from almost any site you want.
Just click on the home button on top of your favorite browser, you know, the little house on top of your browser and whatever link you want to visit.
A page with all the links you use regularly.
All your links in a nice table of rows and/or columns or just spread around in an easy go lucky style. If so, you have come to right place.

This program is perfect for those that don't have the time, knowhow, software or want to hassle with making a startpage / homepage look and feel the way you want.

For just a one time set-up fee of  $9.99 and and just $19.99 a year, you will have your very own homepage.
Price includes up to 25 links using text you want for the link {URL}, i.e. "Facebook", background color or picture, title, image or logo arranged any way you like.
I will do all the work, just let me know how you want it. I can make your page in "Portrait" or "Landscape" to use on your other devices.
I will send you a Paypal invoice for your set-up and 1st year activation fee.

Your new homepage will be ""
For information on how to set your Homepage, Click HERE

That is my start page on the left, nothing great, but fully functional for me. Easy to use samples on right.
I will create your page anyway you want and it can be completely updateable.
Want to add a link or two or more, click the Paypal button at the bottom of your new page {see below} and for just $2.99 add 1-3 links.
You can send the new information in a note at Paypal or e-mail me the updated info you want added.
Copy and Paste links to avoid any mistakes, especially for any longer addresses. 
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For additional information please contact me:
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